Hot Look of the Day: The Hourei Lift Bra for Your Face

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From Japan, of course. It's a "face bra" that lifts your nasolabial folds! When worn daily, the miracle beauty strap combats the signs of aging – and looks super groovy while doing so! Wear it to the office or the club – and get an instant facelift. And at only $39, it's a ... See the Rest

So That’s the Secret

Actor Tom Cruise filming a scene for his new movie 'Oblivion' in New York

Tom Cruise likes poop on his face. No, seriously. Apparently he credits his youthful glow to a spa treatment that involves nightingale droppings, wheat bran, and water smeared all over that million-dollar mug. The poop allegedly brings out the dirt and adds shine. This explains a ... See the Rest