Tune for a Generation: Miley Cyrus’ Occupy Anthem “Liberty Walk”

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From BigHollywood: "Before you click the 'Play' button on this video, make sure your pants are literally sewn into the flesh of your pelvis. The euphoria you will experience just might make them spontaneously fly off your body if you fail to take that precaution. That’s right, former Disney pop sensation Miley Cyrus (performing under the moniker ... See the Rest

Every Day They’re Shufflin’

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The Ohio University's Marching 110 takes on LMFAO's maddeningly overplayed  "Party Rock Anthem," which, depending on how you feel about these things, is either totally awesome or the most annoying thing EVER. I'm leaning towards the latter. (via BuzzFeed) ... See the Rest

What Was Your Summer Anthem?

Summer 2011 is over. Put a fork in it it, it is DONE. Sigh. So what ended up bring THE big summer song this year? What was the song that you loved in June, loathed in July, and went back to loving in August? What's the song that will make you sob like a baby for your lost youth ten years from now when you hear it on the way back from the dentist ... See the Rest