Danielle Fishel Let’s the Children Have It!

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Yaaassss Topanga, werrrrrk bitch! I have always loved Danielle Fishel from her Boy Meets World days, but you may or may not know, she got married last weekend. WELL. She posted pics on Twitter and the fat comments ensued. Danielle was not having it and let. Them. Have. It. ... See the Rest

Miley’s in the News Again


Miley's in the news for two things today, but I will only show a picture for one, since the other involves her shaven nether regions and I don't want to see THAT. Miley is under fire for dropping some poundage to the point of the "A" word. Yes, people are trying to label Ms ... See the Rest

How many pallbearers does it take to carry an anorexic’s coffin?

This weirdly humorous ad for Bietech-ed.org (a non-profit organization for women with eating disorders) informs us that "15% of women who suffer from Anorexia will die this year." (via Ads of the World) ... See the Rest