Anne Hathaway Decorates Her House Herself

Who needs go all Hollywood and hire someone to decorate your house when you can very well do it your damn self? That's what Anne Hathaway thinks too! Plus, it totally gets you in the ... See the Rest

Celebrity Mashups

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Seinfeld‘s Faux Films You Wish You Could See

Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer would always go to the movies with hilarious titles and characters that were frequently voiced by an off-camera Larry David. Well, here are the best fake movies Seinfeld had to offer – with updated casting and poster art reflecting who might be ... See the Rest

Anne Hathaway’s Getting the Rain in Spain

'Tis true. Anne Hathaway's been ... See the Rest

Posing for Terry Richardson at the VF Oscars Party

Better late than never? From the top, some of the only Terry Richardson celebrity shots at the Vanity Fair party that don't have Terry Richardson in them (it's his thing): Anne Hathaway, Oscar, and Adam Shulman; Sacha Baron Cohen and Seth Rogen; Joan Collins; John Voight and ... See the Rest

Were They Left in the Dryer Too Long?

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The Happy Endings Gif Shop

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On the Red Carpet: The National Board of Review Awards

It's awards season, which means you're going to be seeing the same 10 faces OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, walking the various red carpets in New York, London, and LA, the ... See the Rest