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Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway Are Breakdancing Drag Kings in Jenny Lewis’ New Video “Just One of the Guys”

Dayum, Kristen Stewart is HOT in her little mustache and track suit, yo. She and Anne Hathaway star as band members and breakdancing hunks in Jenny ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup

All the really important issues of the day: Anne Hathaway's fashion FAIL, Tom Welling is a sudden DILF, and we need to talk about Rob Lowe for a ... See the Rest


Casting News: Anne Hathaway to Play Judy Garland in Upcoming Biopic

Yep. Harvey Weinstein confirmed on the Howerd Stern Show that the Oscar-winning actress will star in the upcoming biopic based on the bestselling ... See the Rest

Anne Hathaway gets into the Halloween spirit as she decorates her house with spider webs and a ghost

Anne Hathaway Decorates Her House Herself

Who needs go all Hollywood and hire someone to decorate your house when you can very well do it your damn self? That's what Anne Hathaway thinks too! ... See the Rest


Celebrity Mashups

  See more at iraffiruse. ... See the Rest


Seinfeld‘s Faux Films You Wish You Could See

Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer would always go to the movies with hilarious titles and characters that were frequently voiced by an off-camera ... See the Rest

Anne Hathaway attending the 'Les Miserables' photocall during the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival in Berlin

Anne Hathaway’s Getting the Rain in Spain

'Tis true. Anne Hathaway's been tapped to play Eliza Doolittle in the big screen remake of My Fair Lady. What about the accent? Producers think she'll ... See the Rest


Posing for Terry Richardson at the VF Oscars Party

Better late than never? From the top, some of the only Terry Richardson celebrity shots at the Vanity Fair party that don't have Terry Richardson in ... See the Rest