17 Animals That Look Like Humans

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#BornThisDay: Writer, Mark Doty

August 10, 1953- Mark Doty is one of my favorite American poets. Elegant, unflinching, melancholy, his words haunt me. I appreciate the duality of the rural & the urbane in his ... See the Rest

Handimals: Guido Daniele’s Hyper-Realistic Animal Hands

Italian artist Guido Daniele transforms human hands into ‘handimals’, jaw-dropping photo-realistic animal portraits. WITHOUT USING PHOTOSHOP. Check them out after the jump! ... See the Rest

Random Images OTD

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Kids + Technology = Missing Out On Life’s Surprises

This picture says it all. What's the point of bringing your kids to a zoo then giving them an iPad when they are front and center at a breathtaking lion exhibit? True, she could be ... See the Rest

Cute Animals Eating Watermelon of the Day

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We’re Not Exaggerating When We Say This Is the Most Adorable, Cutest Video Ever

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