Selfie Cat Is Better at Selfies Than You

Kim Kardashian, watch your back. Manny the Cat is the NEW master of the selfie. His humorous and ... See the Rest

Your Daily Awww: Animals Sniffing Flowers

I'm sorry, I'm just a bit overwhelmed today. I... I... can't seem to pull it together. The bottom fell out of the Chinese market two days after I invested my 2015 savings.... "Making of a Murderer" is stressing me the fuck out.... And I have a zit on my nose you can see from ... See the Rest

Jumpy the Dog Can Write His Name With a Paintbrush In His Mouth

Take THAT, painting elephants and sign-language speaking apes! ... See the Rest

Gay Bears in Croatian Zoo Can’t Get Enough Oral Sex

They are kinkier than the average bear! A pair of male brown bears at a Croatian zoo have been engaging in oral sex. A lot of it. Over the course of 116 hours of recent observation, the animals ... See the Rest

Here’s Your Video of a Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burritos with his Tiny Hamster Hands

Absolutely precious. A hamster (with impecable  table manners) devours burrito after burrito in this fabulous video. At once hysterical and strangely calming, it's your daily moment of zen. ... Watch Now


Omgomgomg. HOW ADORABLE. CC the Sloth from the Staten Island zoo getting her makeup done before an appearance on the Today Show. For real. (via See the Rest

Screaming Sheep vs Screaming Snake

The screaming snake ought to be played on Youtube, where it's on a loop. It's funnier the 40th time. ... See the Rest

Lunch Break

A koala eats an apple. (via Nanoochka) ... See the Rest