Handimals: Guido Daniele’s Hyper-Realistic Animal Hands


Italian artist Guido Daniele transforms human hands into ‘handimals’, jaw-dropping photo-realistic animal portraits. WITHOUT USING PHOTOSHOP. Check them out after the jump! ... See the Rest

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Kids + Technology = Missing Out On Life’s Surprises

A girl misses the main attraction at Bristol Zoo, as Ketam, a one-year old Asiatic Lion comes within six inches of her as she watched a film on her iPad

This picture says it all. What's the point of bringing your kids to a zoo then giving them an iPad when they are front and center at a breathtaking lion exhibit? True, she could be ... See the Rest

Cute Animals Eating Watermelon of the Day

Video thumbnail for youtube video Cute Animals Eating Watermelon of the Day - World of Wonder

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We’re Not Exaggerating When We Say This Is the Most Adorable, Cutest Video Ever

"If It Fits, I Sits: The Supercut." Bless its supercut heart. ... See the Rest

Awesome Animal Clip Reel

Video thumbnail for youtube video Awesome Animal Clip Reel - World of Wonder

And we don't use the word "awesome" often. It's even more awesome if you turn off the pretentious soundtrack and just hum something.     ... See the Rest

We’ve Got Your Goat


And a pretty little goat it is, too. ... See the Rest