#12DaysofGiving: The Trevor Project, LGBTQ Teen Suicide Prevention

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The Teaser for the Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Is Here

This morning, the world awoke to the tweet announcing the teaser for the trailer (God, I hate modern media rollouts) for the long-awaited Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In its brief 21 seconds, we see the batsuit, the supersuit, and the (by-now familiar) ... See the Rest

#NoNoTayTay: Joni Mitchell Says Nope To Taylor Swift Playing Her

Back in 2012, Taylor Swift was in talks to portray folk legend Joni Mitchell in a big-screen adaptation of Girls Like Us, a book that focuses on the impact of Joni, Carol King and Carly Simon. ... See the Rest

First Look: Tim Burton’s Big Eyes

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Enchanted 2 Is Definitely Happening!

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Amy Adams Is a Good Samaritan

Amy Adams was flying Delta first class fr0m Detroit to LA and noticed a bunch of servicemen in uniform ... See the Rest

Who Will Win Best Actress at the 2015 Oscars?

Sure, it's still 11 months away, and literally NONE of these movies have come out, but that shouldn't stop you from prematurely speculating about next year's Oscar Race.  ... See the Rest

Pictures of Stars Posing with Their Younger Selves

2013 Oscar nominees are pictured with younger versions of themselves. And once again let's all take a moment and THANK GOD the '90s are over.  (via See the Rest