Can I Get an Amen?


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For Sale: Miracle McNugget with Eerie Resemblance to George Washington


The bidding on eBay is already around $200 for this priceless piece of Americana. From the seller: "Approximately 3 years ago, I treated my children to '99 cent McNugget Tuesday' and play time at our local McDonald’s. As I was cleaning up, I noticed one particular nugget and began to laugh. I picked it up for a closer look, and sure enough it was ... See the Rest

It Was 70 Years Ago Today


19 iconic photos of Pearl Harbor at BuzzFeed. ... See the Rest

Flashback: Jack Ruby’s Revolver


The gun Jack Ruby used to assassinate accused JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24, 1963. "I didn't want to be a hero," Ruby is said to have said. "I did it for Jacqueline Kennedy." (Image via Criminal Wisdom) ... See the Rest

Oswald’s Coffin on the Block

The pine coffin that housed the body of accused JFK killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, is one of the macabre items of memorabilia that have come on the block at the Nate D Sanders auction house in Brentwood. The coffin is part of a collection owned by Allen Baumgardner, a funeral director who assisted in the embalming of Oswald. The 24-year-old alleged ... See the Rest