#CBBUK: Perez Hilton Compares His Big Brother Experience To “Being Diagnosed With AIDS In the 80s”


Perez Hilton, who is currently on Celebrity Big Brother UK, has once again left his other housemates speechless. After continuing to fight with other members of the House, Perez decided to compare his experience filming the TV show to the AIDS Crisis. Perez said on the show: “I have been traumatized by the experience. By living with so many ... See the Rest

#FeelNoShame: Prince Harry’s Secret Is Out

Video thumbnail for youtube video #feelnoshame: Prince Harry's Secret Is Out - World of Wonder

In the video below, Prince Harry is confessing his "secret" as part of the #FeelNoShame Twitter campaign, launched by Sentebale, the charity Harry helped create to benefit children in Lesotho, Africa; "On today, World AIDS Day, my secret is, believe it or not, I get incredibly nervous before public speaking, no matter how big the crowd or the ... See the Rest

#WorldAIDSDay: We’re Still Feeling The Loss…


You hear gay men of my generation talk about AIDS differently than this current one. It's as though it doesn't really exist, it's a long forgotten ghost story and they don't really want to think about it. With new drugs, AIDS is thought of as manageable, but I'm here to tell you, people still die from complications. I awoke this morning to the sad ... See the Rest

Keith Haring: The Political Line Opens In San Francisco


When you get to the point in life when your friends start having museum shows, you have a mixed bag of feelings, not the least of which is your own mortality. I remember the first time I saw an exhibit in a museum (I can't remember where?) with Keith Haring's work in it.... there were club invitations to parties I had attended and work I remember ... See the Rest

New York Magazine: Unprotected Sex Without Fear?


A fascinating and controversial cover story this week in New York magazine about the use of Truvada and unprotected sex. Here's an excerpt: For some men, Truvada’s new use seems just as revolutionary for sex as it is for medicine. “I’m not scared of sex for the first time in my life, ever. That’s been an adrenaline rush,” says Damon L. Jacobs, ... See the Rest

Important Interview of the Day: Gabriel Rotello on the Legacy of Outweek Magazine

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 9.26.03 AM

My fascinating interview with Gabriel Rotello, the founder of Outweek magazine, which in its short existence was THE leading voice of AIDS activism in the late '80s and early '90s. It's been 25 years since the groundbreaking Outweek changed the face of LGBT journalism and ushered in a radical new take on queer sensibility. Gabe talks about how he ... Watch Now

Pop Icon: Today, Keith Haring Is Everywhere

Keith Haring in his Pop Shop In New York City

There's a Keith Haring show opening tonight. They used to be quite the event, back in the day. Keith would usually print thousands of posters to give away free and sign (I have few signed ones, still in my flat files.) This exhibit at Gladstone Gallery includes canvases and tarps painted in the 1980s. Keith created many works that initially appear ... See the Rest

You’ve Got Male: Housing Works Art Auction

Gregory Vaughn, "Brian"

Proceeds from the Design on a Dime Art Auction will benefit Housing Works’ newest supportive housing development, the Hull Street Residence, a new housing development project that will transform a vacant 6,000 sq ft. lot into a beautiful and safe home for 30 single, formerly homeless adults living with HIV/AIDS. Here are some images of the male ... See the Rest