RIP: Anita Ekberg


Anita Ekberg died today at 83. She came from Sweden to America to enter the Miss Universe pageant and by the mid-1950s, after several modeling jobs, she finally broke into films. She had a small part in the film Blood Alley in 1955 with John Wayne and Lauren Bacall. She appeared alongside the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis comedy act in Artists and ... See the Rest

RIP Polly Bergen


Emmy-winning actress and singer Polly Bergen had a 60-year career and died today of natural causes in her home in Southbury, Connecticut. She was 84. Bergen was a household name from the beginning of her career. She made albums and played leading roles in films, stage musicals and TV dramas. She also hosted her own variety series, was a popular ... See the Rest

Robin Tunney Out and About

Robin Tunney takes a walk through Beverly Hills with her sister and baby

This makes me so happy! Robin Tunney is one of my all time FAVE actresses and I never see her anymore. It's crazy because I was just thinking about her yesterday and how I missed her and after I IMDB'd her, I found out that she is on The Mentalist. Now I know what to find and watch from the start. I want to see more of her, she really is something ... See the Rest

Gillian Anderson As Gorgeous As Ever

Gillian Anderson at the 25th Annual Producers Guild Awards

Look at how incredibly gorgeous Dana Scully Gillian Anderson was at the Producers Guild Award. She has barely aged (she's 45) and I am in love with her new show on UK telly called The Fall. I'm kinda digging her this blonde for the moment too, it all just works for me. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

Stella!: Schnabel Gets Down

I knew the girl that was Stella Schnabel since she was tiny. (I once spent the Christmas holidays in artist David McDermott's house upstate with her mother and sister, without heat or running water... but that's another story) The grown up Stella, now an actress, opens up for photographer Rachel Chandler Guinness in her new short film. It was ... See the Rest

Toni Braxton Pulls the Plug on Her Music Career

Toni Braxton is all smiles as she leaves NBC Studios in New York City after appearing on the 'Today' show

This makes me sad. I know Toni wants to focus on acting now (see Kylie story), but her music was not only great, but a staple in the '90s. I know, bigger and better, moving ahead and all that, but her voice was so unique and her sex appeal, piping hot. She was on GMA on Friday and when asked about her music she said,      "It's not affecting me, ... See the Rest

But Can She Act?

Singer and actress Jessica Simpson seen arriving with husband Eric Johnson and daughter Maxwell to LAX Los Angeles Airport after arriving on a flight from New York

Jessica Simpson is making a TV comeback, but this time it's not a reality show, it's a sitcom. She is excited to produce and star in a sitcom based on her life, with the executive producer giving her monstrous shoes to fill, calling her a "modern day Lucy." If it fails, she can always fall back on that billion dollar day job, right? (Photo: Pacific ... See the Rest

Say It Ain’t So!

DOUBLE DENIM!! Aussie pop princess Kylie Minogue seen rocking the double denim look while appearing on the 'Extra' TV show hosted by Mario Lopez at the Grove Shopping Centre in Hollywood

After 25 years and almost 70 million records, Kylie Minogue is hanging up her microphone for good. She wants to focus solely on acting now and a split from her longtime manager fueled the decision. Hopefully this won't be the end, but more of a hiatus if you will. We LOVES us some Kylie. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest