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Celebrity Roundup: Tyne Daly, Jaclyn Smith, Bo Derek, Aaron Carter & MORE!

All of, erm, TODAY'S HOTTEST STARS! What they're wearing! What they're doing! WHO they're doing! You AREN'T GOING TO BELIEVE how juicy today's ... See the Rest

Aaron Carter leaves Mercato di Vetro for his concert at the The Troubadour in West Hollywood

Aaron Carter Files for Bankruptcy

Awww. My poor baby. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Aaron's in a bit of a financial pickle. It appears the sum total of his assets  a ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video And Here's Aaron Carter Doing a Medley of "Blurred Lines," "Treasure," and "Get Lucky" - World of Wonder

And Here’s Aaron Carter Doing a Medley of “Blurred Lines,” “Treasure,” and “Get Lucky”

All the karaoke classics of tomorrow. He looks good, sounds fine (except for a bit of caterwauling near the end), and there's a rather spectacular ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Tweets of the Day: Aaron Has a Fetish

Hmmm.... Note to self: Buy a blue wig.  (via Jezebel and Twitter) ... See the Rest


Aaron Carter Falls Into a Wormhole in Time and Is Jumped for Being in “New Kids on the Block Territory”

Arron Carter Instagrammed pics of his bruises after he says he was attacked by four men that were annoyed he was performing on "New Kids On The Block ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Tweet of the Day: OMG, Aaron Carter Is Such a Rebel

  (via Jezebel. And don't forget to follow WOW on Twitter here. And follow ME on Twitter here) ... See the Rest


Boys with iPhones: Aaron Carter

I do love a boy who brings his own air horn to a party. *Rolls eyes* ... See the Rest


Happy Times

... See the Rest