The Best of Rosie Perez on Soul Train

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To celebrate Rosie Perez joining the ladies of The View, let's take a fond look back at her mid-'80s stint as a Soul Train dancer. Such exuberance! Rosie nails all the big dances of the day: The Alf, the Hammer, the Roger Rabbit... you haven't lived until you've seen Truffle Shuffle down the Soul Train Line. (via Lady Bunny) ... See the Rest

Vice Remembers Downtown Documentarian Nelson Sullivan

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Fascinating article about wowlebrity and '80s nightlife documentarian Nelson Sullivan in Vice: Twenty-five years ago this month, on July 4, 1989, video artist Nelson Sullivan suddenly died of a heart attack, leaving behind almost 1,200 hours of footage of the now iconic and heavily romanticized Downtown New York scene. Ranging from performances by ... See the Rest

To Do in Toronto: Check Out John Simone’s “Legends of NY Nitelife” Photo Retrospective

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Nightlife photographer John Simone, who took so many legendary clubkid photos for Project X  magazine back in the day, has launched a major retrospective entitled "Legends of NY Nitelife" at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto. It runs through the 29th and if you're in the area you SIMPLY MUST GO. The show features images of celebrities ... See the Rest

Better Now: Mick Jagger and David Bowie “Dancing in the Streets” Video – Without the Music

Video thumbnail for youtube video Better Now: Mick Jagger and David Bowie "Dancing in the Streets" Video – Without the Music - World of Wonder

It was probably the worst song of both their careers, and the most embarrassing video of the decade. But when you take the music out of Mick Jagger and David Bowie's "Dancing in the Streets" video, it suddenly becomes completely engaging. Just two dorks spazzing out for no reason. ... Watch Now

You Must Hear This: Chance the Rapper Covers “Arthur’s Theme”

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When I first heard that Chance the Rapper sang a rendition of "Arthur's theme" at the Sasquatch! Music Festival in Portland, I got all misty-eyed and thought of the great Christopher Cross songs of my youth – "Think of Laura," "Sailing," "Ride Like the Wind" and whatnot– I was a bit of a wussy, you know. Loved that stuff. Listened to it and cried ... See the Rest

Boy George Sings “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” on Jimmy Kimmel

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Boy George sang a raspy, bluesy, reggae-tinged version of his classic hit on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night. And, yes, it's sweetly nostalgic to hear him sing the old songs again – even if it DOES take awhile to get going – but I post this mostly because I'm pretty sure he's wearing that $8,500 Dolce & Gabbana needlepoint jacket that I've ... See the Rest

Most Exciting Casting News EVER: Juliette Lewis and Molly Ringwald Join the Cast of the Jem & the Holograms Movie!

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This is just truly, truly outrageous! Yesterday, Deadline reported that Juliette Lewis had been cast in the upcoming Jem and the Holograms movie. Today, The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Molly Ringwald has been added, as well. While neither actress’ character has been revealed, I think it's safe to assume that Juliette will be playing Pizzazz, ... See the Rest

Pop Artist Sham Ibrahim Gives a Portrait to Boy George

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Wowlebrity and everyone's favorite Pop Artist Sham Ibrahim gave a portrait to Boy George last night. Says Sham."I gave my childhood idol Boy George a portrait at the after-party to his concert at the Mayan Theatre. The party was hosted by legendary event planner Rich Royal and it was a star-studded, glamorous affair!! Adam Lambert was there and I ... See the Rest