What In the Hell Have They Done to Jem & The Holgrams?

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What is this mess? The first trailer to the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED (by me) Jem & the Holograms movie dropped today and, holy hell, it is a MAUDLIN MESS. Where's the fun? Where's the camp? Where. Are. THE MISFITS? Instead, we're treated to every coming-of-age/rise-to-stardom movie ... See the Rest

Check Out the Hysterical 1980s Cover Art for Modern Movies and TV Shows at Stan VHS

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Golem13 has created the clever Stan VHS Tumblr blog that features a collection of 1980s-style VHS cover art for modern television shows and movies. The blog was part of an April Fools’ Day prank geared towards making people think that a guy named Stan actually adapted the modern ... See the Rest

Holiday BumperJam 2014 – A One-Hour Supercut of Weird and Obscure Yuletide Media

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Holiday BumperJam 2014 – A One-Hour Supercut of Weird and Obscure Yuletide Media - World of Wonder

Superfun. In fact, I'll go so far as to say it's THE MOST HOLIDAY FUN YOU'LL HAVE ALL DAY. My promise to you. “Holiday BumperJam 2014” is an hour-long supercut of classic, obscure, and bizarre Yuletide media compiled from decades of Christmas specials, commercials, and other ... See the Rest

Band-Aid 30 “Do They Know It’s Christmas”

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Let's just get this over with. A new version of the classic "Do They Know It's Christmas?" hit the airwaves over the weekend, featuring – sigh – One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding... do I have to go on? Olly Muirs. Bastille. Bono. Again. Groan. The lyrics are ... See the Rest

Mashup OTD: The Greatest American Jedi

Video thumbnail for youtube video Mashup OTD: The Greatest American Jedi - World of Wonder

After the theme from Angie, which we've discussed here, the theme from The Greatest American Hero (ABC 1981-83) is probably the greatest theme song of all time. Joyous, triumphant, euphoric  – it's the kind of perfect pop confection that could only have been written in the ... See the Rest

The Best of Rosie Perez on Soul Train

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Best of Rosie Perez on Soul Train - World of Wonder

To celebrate Rosie Perez joining the ladies of The View, let's take a fond look back at her mid-'80s stint as a Soul Train dancer. Such exuberance! Rosie nails all the big dances of the day: The Alf, the Hammer, the Roger Rabbit... you haven't lived until you've seen Truffle ... See the Rest

Vice Remembers Downtown Documentarian Nelson Sullivan

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Fascinating article about wowlebrity and '80s nightlife documentarian Nelson Sullivan in Vice: Twenty-five years ago this month, on July 4, 1989, video artist Nelson Sullivan suddenly died of a heart attack, leaving behind almost 1,200 hours of footage of the now iconic and ... See the Rest

To Do in Toronto: Check Out John Simone’s “Legends of NY Nitelife” Photo Retrospective

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Nightlife photographer John Simone, who took so many legendary clubkid photos for Project X  magazine back in the day, has launched a major retrospective entitled "Legends of NY Nitelife" at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto. It runs through the 29th and if you're in ... See the Rest