#JeansInTheCity: SJP Is The Face (& Ass) of the New Jordache Look


Jordache just announced that Sarah Jessica Parker is the face of a new collection called the Jordache Look. It will revive different versions past hits. WWD calls some; "one-of-a-kind pieces handcrafted from vintage Jordache jeans and restyled by a local artisan." SJP sure ... See the Rest

#Summer15: We’re Feeling a Sexy Retro Caftan Moment Coming On…


I've been feeling a 70s caftan moment, and LOOK at all the gorgeous pattern inspiration I've unearthed. Am I crazy or can just about ANYONE work a caftan? If you are relying on that young, hot bod, make it sheer with a bikini (or nothing) on underneath –and if you've got a Dad ... See the Rest

#DrawingRoom: Artist Mel Odom’s Vintage Sexy Guys Are Still Hot


Mel Oldom's style defined the 70s and 80s and vice versa. You might know it from his vintage posters, book covers, a line of Paper Moon cards, and First Eyes, his first book. Odom's work has appeared in a variety of magazines over the years, like Time, the now-defunct Omni, ... See the Rest

#TBT: You Won’t Believe Anna Wintour’s 80s Fashion Spreads For New York Magazine


Well, pretty much ALL fashion looks dorky 30 years later... 50 years and it starts to look good again. As you may know The Devil, I mean, Anna Wintour, was the fashion editor of New York magazine from '81 to '83, before stopping briefly at House & Garden as editor. (She put ... See the Rest

#RPDR: Watch Guest Judge Olivia Newton John’s 80s Classic “Let’s Get Physical”


As if we need an EXCUSE to watch this video again, but since Olivia Newton John was a guest judge (along with Jordin Sparks) last night on RuPaul's Drag Race, here's the perfect reason? Come on, let's get into physical, let me hear your body talk! (As Bette Midler said when this ... See the Rest

#PictureThis2 : Arlene Gottfried’s Sometimes Overwhelming

Angel and Woman on Boardwalk, Brighton Beach, 1976.

NSFW: As a girl, Arlene Gottfried went to Woodstock armed with a small 35mm camera that once belonged to her uncle and afterward, her Brooklyn neighborhood offered her plenty to shoot in her in her own neck of the woods. Gottfried spent a lot of time in Coney Island and Brighton ... See the Rest

Combo Post: Keith Haring + NY Post = A Wedding Gift For Madonna


The last two posts, the nude guy on the cover of the NY Post and Keith Haring's new exhibit in San Francisco, gave me the idea for this combo post. When Madonna was marrying Sean Penn, Keith was invited to the wedding at took Andy as his date. Around that time, nude pictures of ... See the Rest

80s Flashback: Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury’s Long-Lost Duet

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 7.13.19 PM

In case you didn't know (I didn't!) the late Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury recorded a few songs together in the 80s, but they were never released. They were a popular bootleg for fans and you once could find them all on YouTube, but they've all been deleted. The surviving ... See the Rest