#BornThisDay: Joe Biden

November 20, 1942- Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. became the fifth-youngest Senator in USA history, plus he was Delaware's longest-serving senator. He is also just about the best ... See the Rest

Flashback Friday: Nutty Hand Model on Katie Couric Will COMPLETELY UNNERVE YOU

Don't even ask how I found this 2008 Katie Couric interview with a whackadoodle hand model who appears increasingly unhinged as the interview progresses, but suffice to say, it's RIVETING. Her name is Ellen Sirot and she's billed as the ... See the Rest

Flashback 2008

  Robert Buckley filming the NBC drama Lipstick Jungle in New York City. (via Just Jared) ... See the Rest

The Hole People

Getting high in a hole: Four young hippies climb out of a hole in the ground after a groovy nitrous trip at the 2008 All Good Music Festival and Camp Out. They like to call it spelunking. ... See the Rest