Flashback 2007: A Hot Moment with Madonna

Madonna, claiming to be on the verge of fainting as she's about to be interviewed in a hot, airless room, asks to have the door opened and a fan brought to her. If this moment isn't from 2007, Madge fans, please advise. Like we have to ask. ... See the Rest

Happy Times

... See the Rest

Flying Pies and Pieing Flies

At top: a pie-in-the-face sketch on the Ernie Kovacs Show from the 1950s. At bottom: a miniature catapult invented in 2007 launches tiny pies at insects. ... See the Rest

Hoo-ha! It’s Lady Hooha in 2007

The relatively unknown Lady Gaga looks fab (and a bit like Chrissie Hynde, if you don't mind us saying) only three years ago when she was still a natural brunette living in New York and paying the rent by dancing in Loisaida ... See the Rest