Zayn Malik’s New Selfie Is Causing Mass Hysteria

Zayn Malik dropped a new selfie on Instagram yesterday and the world is completely losing their chill over it. He is clearly really proud of the recent growth of his ... See the Rest

Louis Tomlinson Plans to Put Out a Zayn Diss Song

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Well, That Was Quick: Zayn Malik Drops Surprise Single (And Louis Tomlinson Is Piiiiiiiiiiissed)

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1D Perform on Today WITHOUT Zayn, Matt Laur Thinks It’s DRUG-RELATED!

Directioners about lost their damn minds today when, first of all, Zayn did NOT appear with the rest of the boys on the Today show, then pushy host Matt Lauer concern-trolled the group by asking if it was due to Zayn's "substance abuse" problems. Yes, Zayn. Little lost-boy Zayn. ... See the Rest

What Those One Direction Socks Look Like on an Actual Foot

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Harry Hair Watch: Harry Styles’ Nutty New ‘Do

Gotta keep changing with the times, of course, because the times they keep a-changing. And Harry Styles' hair style has evolved again. The whooshy bangs are long forgotten. These days he's onto a hippie/folk rock vibe, somewhere between See the Rest

Niall Horan Wears Miley’s Leggings

One Direction's Niall Horan made a surprising discovery when he arrived at the Met Life Stadium in New Jersey for a concert last night: A pair of leggings with Miley's face ... See the Rest

One Direction News: Harry & Liam Sing their ABCs and 1D Expand their Marketing Empire into the Cosmetics Biz

All the 1D news of the day! First up, a cute video of Harry and Liam singing the ABC song with Bert on Sesame Street. Bert's frustration with Harry at the end is ADORABLE. Definitely a must-see! ... See the Rest