Escape Room LA

Escape Room LA

I had the absolute pleasure of participating in the Escape Room LA this week. Escape rooms have been popping up all over the country and all over the world in the last few years. I only first heard of the one in New York earlier this year. Read more about my experience and see more pics after the jump! ... See the Rest

No Manscaping Allowed in Kill Your Darlings

daniel darlings

In the video, above, the film's director John Krokidas tells Daily Xtra how he kept things authentically 1940s in the sex scenes in part by banning Daniel Radcliffe and the other actors from removing any pubic hair before shooting, making it a strict "wide bush" set. Below, Radcliffe, who stars as Allen Ginsberg, tells MTV how surprised he is at ... See the Rest

Flashback 1940s: Nazi Yoga


Eva Braun doing urdhva dhanurasana in her bathing suit at Lake Konigssee, a few miles from Hitler’s mountaintop retreat, Berghof. ... See the Rest

Putting Boys on a Pedestal

Bruce_LA_Bert_Elliot_lg 2

  Back before Jeff Stryker, before John Holmes, before the peep-show booths that showed 8mm film loops there was Bruce of LA. Bruce Harry Bellas came to Los Angeles in the mid-1940s hot to shoot  the musclemen of Venice Beach. The Golden Age of Physique Photography was synonymous with Southern California, and Bruce rode the wave of the ... See the Rest

Kubrick’s Pics

Kubric shots

Back in the 1940s, when Stanley Kubrick was a poor kid from the Bronx working as a photojournalist for Look magazine (the youngest staff photographer in the mag's history), he shot almost 10,000 black-and-white pictures in and around New York City, oftentimes surreptitiously with his camera peeking out of a hole in a paper bag. Now VandM in ... See the Rest

Is ‘riding the log’ some sort of gay euphemism from the ’40s?

And what is up with those faceless lady-centaurs in the background? I feel like I'm in a k-hole. ... See the Rest

Night After Night After Night

Video thumbnail for youtube video Night After Night After Night - World of Wonder

Called "A Valentine to Film Noir," this nearly seven-minute clip is a compilation of 35 hard-boiled black-and-whites from the 1940s and 1950s peopled with day-rate dicks and double-crossing dames, the ilk of which the world will never see again. Complemented by the hard-driving soundtrack of Massive Attack's "Angel." In short, heaven. (via have you ... See the Rest

Timeless advice

WW II-era poster for who knows what. But if you whisper it in my ear, I'll be your bitch forever. (via boingboing) ... See the Rest