Funny, Sad, Beautiful, Revealing: Online Videos Depict Life in WeHo

Check out this retrospective video collection of life in West Hollywood, a city of extremes (good, bad, ugly), which features World of Wonder's documentary 101 Rent Boys (2000). Learn about WeHo's social history from all angles, including the perspective of the boys who worked on Santa Monica Boulevard. For some, “Alice in WeHoLand” describes ... See the Rest

Fenton and Randy Talk to the Daily Beast About Their Favorite WOW Projects


The boys discuss 17 of their favorite movies and TV shows. Here's an excerpt: The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2000): To this day, people tell us how much they love this film. Tammy Faye truly changed our lives, and to have known her was such a gift. One day while filming we decided to visit Heritage USA, the amusement park that Jim and Tammy built at ... See the Rest

Boys on Film

If you have World of Wonder's 101 Rent Boys on your DVD shelf, you'll want to watch John Roecker's here!TV series, Everything You Wanted to Know About Gay Porn Stars *but were afraid to ask, a probing look into the lives and heads (the big ones) of actors who practice the F-word with each other on film. The six-part docuseries is airing on the gay ... See the Rest