Show Tune Alert

If you hate show tunes (I’m talking to you, RuPaul) then skip this one. But, if you’re a sadomasochistic Smash fan (I’m talking to you, Michelle Visage) then don your piano-key scarf, your Bob Fosse bowler and white gloves and live for this Megan Hilty belter.


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Best High School Ever Makes Best Lip Dub Ever

The students at Avon High School in Avon, Indiana, posted a 7-minute, no-cuts video to YouTube that will blow your mind. Seemingly every student, from ... Watch Now

RuPaul's Drag Race Fashion Photo Ruview WOWPresents

Watch This Video Now: RuPaul’s Drag Race Fashion Photo RuView with Raja and Raven – Episode 9

In the new episode of Fashion Photo RuView, Raja and Raven TOOT and BOOT the Animal Kingdom Couture on the main stage of this week's episode of ... Watch Now