It’s All About Sam Underwood on The Following, of Course

tumblr_mzy8j4Y16L1s5wnx7o2_250tumblr_mzy8j4Y16L1s5wnx7o1_250tumblr_mzy8j4Y16L1s5wnx7o6_250tumblr_mzy8j4Y16L1s5wnx7o4_250tumblr_mzy8j4Y16L1s5wnx7o7_250tumblr_mzy8j4Y16L1s5wnx7o5_250tumblr_mzy8j4Y16L1s5wnx7o8_250tumblr_mzy8j4Y16L1s5wnx7o3_250Last year on the FOX torture porn series, we had the gloriously messed-up threesome of Paul, Jacob, and that horrible girl, Emma. I was worried they wouldn’t be able to top the tawdriness of that particular plotline, but I shouldn’t have doubted FOX’s devotion to sleaze. This year we have a pair of super-freaky twins with definite daddy issues, played by the absolutely marvelous Sam Underwood. LOVE HIM! The way they play house with the corpses of their victims is almost unbearable. If you aren’t watching, it’s not too late to jump on board. All you need to know is that cult leader Joe Carroll and his following (led by the twins) is slowly regrouping and murdering people in rather theatrical ways. And poor, tortured Kevin Bacon is still caught in the middle of it all. It’s gruesome. It’s horrible. It’s absolutely riveting. Unlike anything else on network TV.


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