My Ronan Farrow Conspiracy Theory

Ronan Farrow publicity PR stunts mia farrow conspiracy theories celebrity scandals Yesterday it was reported in the Hollywood Reporter that super-hot humanitarian Ronan Farrow was getting his own show on MSNBC. Executives there gushed that Ronan was an “original thinker” with “a certain presence and confidence” but conceded: “Still, Farrow’s television experience – and his familiarity to MSNBC viewers – is limited. Producers said that he’ll appear across MSNBC’s programs in the interim to build Farrow’s profile.” Sooooo. Let me get this straight, They’re trying to raise his profile before his show starts? Maybe… get his name in the papers? And what JUST HAPPENED TO RONAN? Out of the BLUE, his mother gave an interview to Vanity Fair, and, WHOOPS!, let it slip that MAYBE Ronan wasn’t the son of Woody Allen, after all, that maybe he was the lovechild of Frank Sinatra, conceived during an extra-marital tryst. And JUST LIKE THAT, Ronan is on EVERYBODY’S lips. Suddenly his face is plastered on every newspaper, tabloid, and blog. He’s all over Access and Extra! and Entertainment Tonight. Why, you couldn’t buy more exposure for a fledgling show! I’m just sayin’. Momma Mia’s timing is AWFULLY SUSPICIOUS.



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