Rant: The American Horror Story Finale

tumblr_n078zfB5Hh1qepw8ko1_400tumblr_n078zfB5Hh1qepw8ko2_400tumblr_n078zfB5Hh1qepw8ko3_400The Peter Principal states “a person will rise to the level of their incompetence” and NO ONE exemplifies that in Hollywood more than Ryan Murphy. Time and time again, you find yourself wishing that he had someone above him, telling him “no” once in a while, or trying to reign him. So much this season was unformed, ill-thought-out, or left unfinished. As usual, plotlines were introduced, then forgotten, or meandered to a trickle when the writers had no idea what to do with them. Why even bother introducing Cordelia’s husband and the witch hunting council if it was going to be taken care of in one scene? What was the purpose of making such a big deal over Zoe’s killer vagina if it never came into play again after the first episode (see: Chekov’s Gun)? And WHY WHY WHY was Evan Peters so tragically underused? That whole frankenboyfriend thing felt like filler to me. More filler: Crazy Christian neighbor Patti Lupone and her son, who were only there so Ryan could add “Gave someone a Chlorox enema” to his resume. And don’t get me started on the SCHOOL WITH NO CLASSES. Not once was there even an establishing shot of the girls in a class LEARNING SOMETHING. Also: Each girl came with one power, then suddenly last night they were teleporting around like they were on the Tomorrow People and making pianos levitate and travelling to Hell and whatnot. Huh? And as much as I love Stevie Nicks, the music video of her singing about the Seven Wonders was a little too Glee for my tastes. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the spectacle, the style, the characters. I thought Myrtle Snow was fabulous and I will take the image of Gabourey Sidibe masturbating in front of the Minotaur to my grave. But next season, PLEASE concentrate on fewer, but more cohesive plotlines.


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