Wired for Sex

Wired For SexFor WIRED FOR SEX, World of Wonder Productions and the cable network G4 joined forces in 2003 to present a fast-paced and informative look at technology’s ever-changing role beneath the sheets. The shows continue to rate so well nearly five years later that G4 has ordered new episodes.
WIRED FOR SEX looks at how the limitless possibilities of the on-line age have unleashed a vast cybernetic freeway of sexual expression that is streaming into bedrooms across the country. At its core, the influence of technology on sexuality in the 21st century goes far beyond the ability to download pornography. Technology is literally changing how we view ourselves and we interact with one another. Advances in modern medical technology, social networking sites, virtual reality environments, and personal computing have revolutionized our ability to wire up for sex!


1. TECH AND THE SEX INDUSTRY: HOW THE DIGITAL AGE IS ALTERING SEXUAL INTERACTION – New technology has always been advanced in mainstream society with the help of pornography and the sex industry. From the printing press to the VHS recorder, our appetite for sex has historically driven the demand for invention.

2. CYBERCRUISING, WEBCAMS AND THE CHANGING FACE OF RELATIONSHIPS IN THE 21ST CENTURY: What are the ramifications of a society where we’re more likely to be chatting with a stranger across the country than conversing with our neighbor on the front porch?

3. SEX AIDS: By studying everything from the texture of our skin to the natural curves of our body, science is perfecting ways to revolutionize the sex aid industry. What is the science of stimulation?

4. VIRTUAL REALITY SEX: How close are we to artificially recreating the sexual experience. We descend into the world of cyberspace where sexual interaction occurs in a virtual world, tracking the latest advancements in sexual stimulation suits, sexual chat, rooms and cybernetic technology.

5. 21ST CENTURY FETISHES: Sexual fetishes are not only facilitated by emerging technology, many are created by it, using the tentacles of the Internet to reach out and find like-minded people.

6. TECH, SEX AND THE LAW (VIRTUAL CHILD PORN, VOYEUR CAMS, UPSKIRTS, NETRAPE, ETC.) Is freedom of expression crossing into dangerous territory? Our ability to manipulate imagery has opened up a Pandora’s Box of ethical and criminal dilemmas.

7. THE SCIENCE OF ATTRACTION: BOTOX AND A SILICONE SOCIETY Scientists are working to quantify beauty. Why do we like what we like? And to what extremes will we go to change what we were given?

8. THE PILL: The birth control pill. Introduced to the public in the early 1960s; led the sexual revolution would not have happened without it. What’s on the horizon in the billion-dollar oral contraception industry? How about a Male birth control pill? How do these new hormones work and what are the lingering effects on your body?

9. DYSFUNCTION – VIRILITY AND VIAGRA:The little blue pill from Pfizer has sparked another sexual revolution. Middle-aged men let down by their libido have come roaring back to sexual prominence. Is technology helping us keep it up or is it taking us for a ride?

10. FERTILITY: Advances in reproductive technology change human behavior. In 1978, the first test-tube baby was born in England. Since that time, over 10,000 babies have followed. The science of reproduction has become a multi-billion dollar industry, and at 200x magnification, we’ll watch some of this magic at work.

11. CLONING AND GENETIC ENGINEERING:Want a daughter with blonde hair and blue eyes? A left-handed son who can throw a wicked curve ball? No problem, doctors will soon be able to make you one.

12. GENDER REASSSIGNMENT: A small but significant fraction of humans endure a lonely, painful childhood feeling that God made a mistake. They were born a boy when they should have really been a girl, or vice versa. How does the hormone therapy work on the human body? How are sexual organs created in surgery? Is an orgasm possible? This episode takes an insightful look inside the mind and body of people seeking sexual liberation.

13. JAPAN — WIRELESS FOR SEX: Technology is the new third partner in the bedroom. To glimpse the future we go to the most technologically advanced and wired country in the world, Japan, where they are not only wired for sex, they’re also wireless. But are they also clueless or more enlightened? Is the land of the rising sun really the shape of things to come or have we lost our way?


1. EUROSEX – The Wired for Sex team travels to old Europe to look at the new face of sexuality on the Continent. Our journey begins in Amsterdam, which is seeing its famed red light district shuttered street by street, as customers choose safer and often more high-tech ways of having sex. We then travel into the East to check out Prague, the current sex capital of Europe where an attitude of sex without boundaries reigns.

2. SOCIAL NETWORKING – Social networking sites like MySpace, FaceBook, and YouTube are positively transforming the way people meet, make friends, and hook up. No longer are relationships slow progressions from meeting to intimacy – they’re often short bursts of electronic activity followed by a quick meeting and sexual intercourse – and then the two people never see each other again! People have done this for eons, but social networking sites have brought hooking up into mainstream America – and covered it with a sheen of high-tech legitimacy.

3. PLASTIC SURGERY – In the past, it was only the rich, the old, and the deformed who nipped and tucked. Today, modern medical technology is making plastic surgery cheaper and easier than ever before – and that means young, healthy, and handsome people are going under the knife in record numbers. Is this just another way that the human species is evolving – or does it signal the end?


Executive Producers: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato

Supervising Producer: Daniel Snyder

Narrator: Sandra Piha

13 x 30 minutes