Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter

Wife, Mom, Bounty HunterAs a buxom blonde, she’s not your typical bounty hunter and has a hard time convincing people of her chosen career since it involves her Glock 9mm semi-automatic handgun, bulletproof vest and handcuffs.

As the series unfolds, viewers will get a no-holds-barred look at every aspect of Sandra’s life. She’s a doting mother of two daughters, adoring wife to her husband of five years, caretaker of the family pets and a career woman so, Sandra’s life is anything but boring. Whether she’s baking her family a homemade apple pie or brushing up on her bounty hunter skills at the gun range.

Set inside the sunny, gun wielding state of Arizona, Sandra’s life is a non-stop, action-packed rollercoaster ride from the time she rises in the morning until the time she rests her head down again. She always has her gear bag packed since she has to be ready at a moment’s notice to dash out and make an arrest.

Whether she’s cooking family dinners or cuffing fugitives, audiences will get to watch as Sandra and her bounty hunting partners take them through every dangerous step of hunting down bail jumpers and bringing them to justice. In the world of crime and punishment, a bail bondsmen posts a bond to secure someone’s freedom from life behind bars prior to their day in court. If that person misses their designated court date, the bondsman has a predetermined amount of time to locate and apprehend the individual or they lose the money they put up for the bond.

As their deadline approaches and the fugitive remains on the run, bail bondsmen grow nervous they will have to pay out on the bond and will often turn to licensed bounty hunters like Sandra Scott to bring the wanted individual to justice.

The series will follow Sandra, her family and her bounty hunting partners at home and on the hunt.

Sandra Scott – the star of the series, has the perfect combination of toughness and sex appeal. She is an adoring mother of two girls and a doting wife. When she’s not hunting down a fugitive, she’s hunting down a bargain and taking care of her family.

Ronnie Scott – Sandra’s husband who’s many years her junior is just a big kid at heart. Ron loves playing video games and goofing off with the kids, but he is also a licensed bounty hunter and often joins Sandra on her fugitive recovery missions.

Sabree Scott – probably more wily than any fugitive is Sandra’s fifteen-year-old daughter. She’s a typical teenage drama queen that changes her hair color to match her outfits, is boy crazy and constantly pushes the limits of the rules laid out by her mother.

Ever-Skye – Sandra’s youngest daughter at six-years-old, Ever is definitely the baby. Since Ever-Skye splits time living with her father in California, when she is with Sandra she doted on like the angel that she is.

JD Wall – one of Sandra’s most reliable bounty hunting partners, JD, or “The Wall” as he is called, is 6’2″ 270 pounds, has a military background and a black belt in seven different styles of martial arts. Theresa Glover – Sandra’s sole fellow female bounty hunting partner. She is tough as nails and fears no one. Her number one priority is to be Sandra’s back.

Darrell Roy – another one of Sandra’s bounty hunting partners, Darrell calls in Sandra on a lot of cases involving female fugitives. As a trained gunsmen, Darrell also helps Sandra keep her edge on what guns are new, which ones she might want to consider using on the job as well as serves as her target practice buddy.

Dana Schnell – owner of Liberty Bail Bonds and also a bounty hunter, Dana hands cases over to Sandra when his caseload is just too large for his staff to handle.