Wack TV Passport

Anyone can floss their nostrils with electrical wire, but only on VH1s Wack TV Passport can you see a young Japanese girl flossthen plug that wire in and light up a 60-watt bulb. This incandescent clip is just one of the scores of equally bizarre and hysterically outrageous shows youll get to know on the six-part series Wack TV Passport.

These six half-hour episodes showcase clips from the strangest and silliest international television programs. Imagine British eccentrics going for a catapult ride or a Latvian daredevil battling it out against his rival armed only with a humongous dead fish. And thats only the beginning Your international guides on this tour of television thrills are Oscar and Mitch, improv stars from the famed L.A. Groundlings Comedy Theatre and experienced couch potatoes who think they’ve seen it all until now.

With their off-screen, off-the-cuff commentary, Oscar and Mitch will share their amazement, surprise, passion and even disgust for whats on screen. Whether agreeing or disagreeing, their skewed sensibility adds to the wild audio/video circus that is Wack TV Passport. Youll never see our hosts on camera, but then, whod want to? After all, nasal flossing with electrical wire is a pretty hard act to follow.