Totally Gayer

Totally GayerBigger, harder, sassier and sexier than ever, TOTALLY GAYER is the colorful follow-up to the highly successful and hugely popular Totally Gay! An intoxicating cocktail of reality, pop documentary and provocative content TOTALLY GAYER flaunts USDA choice beefcake, mixing mesmerizing music, delivering anecdotes and observations from out and out-friendly stars, queer icons, the behind the scenes stylemakers and commentators from around the world.

Find out how girls and boys are going wild– Brittany and Madonna gave us a lusty liplock on the MTV 2003 VMAs as we turn our Queer Eye to riding the gay wave on the small screen. And we dive into bed with the hottest stars of gay television and meet the guys and goddesses of THE L WORD, QUEER AS FOLK, ITS ALL RELATIVE and TWO AND A HALF MEN.

Well find out which A-list pop diva made gay history when she dropped into Jeffrey Sankers 2002 Palm Springs White Party. And who is spearing the thumping hearts of the gay clubs of New York? Gay Power rocks on as we get down and dirty with pop culture icons Cyndi Lauper, Geri Halliwell, Henry Rollins, Carson Kressley, Pam Grier, Linda Perry, Macy Gray, and Debbie Harry.

Later, TOTALLY GAYER heads into the deep south to saddle up and sit in on the auditions for AMERICAN PRIDE, a reality series determined to discover the first openly gay country music star. We look in on the booming gay Western culture, of queer rodeos and dances and how the west is being made-over.

The Las Vegas nightlife is given a brilliant boost with Cirque du Soleils flaming hot spectacle — ZUMANITY — with its nearly naked take on love and same-sex expression. Vegas is leading the charge to embrace the gay traveler as are booming companies like Orbitz, Olivia and Rosie ODonnells R Family Vacations all vying for the powerful gay dollar.

Following Totally Gays investigation of how marketing and advertising by and to gays has left an indelible mark on mainstream style, TOTALLY GAYER looks at the way in which homosexual content continues to soar above the radar. We join Carson Kressley and Ted Allen and find out how the QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUYs are leading the parade of new marketing and mainstreaming of the gay lifestyle.

Stay tuned as we continue to uncover how going gay is all the rage!