Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood


Season 6 - Premiered November 29, 2011
9×60 – Oxygen 

The full hour format that was showcased in season three, has allowed viewers to get a more in-depth look into Tori and Dean’s lives. Season Six will not disappoint. Tori and Dean’s careers are exploding to another level and they are expecting their third child. Can they keep a lid on the news, while keeping the deadline and opening a home-lifestyle store, invenTori? Tori’s writing career expands to party planning in celebraTORI, capitalizing on her unique ability to entertain with style. Dean re-evaluates his goals and dreams; these tamer hobbies offer genuine career opportunities. Liam and Stella continue to grow and their needs as toddlers expand. And on the friends front, Tori is determined to find a match for Mehran with Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger; and team Tori Dean help the Guncles settle into raising their newborn, Simone. This season is packed with fun-filled entertainment as the family continues to settle into their own and create some normalcy in their “fishbowl” lives.

Season 5
10×60 – Oxygen – Premiered April 5, 2010 

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, celebrate a fifth season on the hit series, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Last season we watched them as they balanced and juggled two growing careers and raised Liam and Stella under the Hollywood microscope. We witnessed Tori’s businesses expanding; our best- selling author released a second book, Mommywood, sold her HSN jewelry line and launched Little Maven by Tori Spelling, a clothing line designed for her children. Of course we also had a multitude of party celebrations, a winter wonderland, a commitment ceremony for the Guncles, and the children’s birthday parties. The season finale, celebrating Stella’s first birthday, capped an all time high ratings for the network and made history as Oxygen’s most watched telecast ever (1,471,000 total viewers according to Nielsen Media Research). The full hour format again proved to be a huge success as we delved deeper and more intimately into their lives.

Season 4
12×60 – Oxygen – Premiered May 19, 2009

Season 3
10×60 – Oxygen – Premiered June 17, 2008 

Season 2 (Tori & Dean: Inn Love 2)
10×30 – Oxygen – Premiered August, 14, 2007 

Season 1 (Tori & Dean: Inn Love)
8×30 – Oxygen – Premiered March 30, 2007 



Season 6


Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

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