The Perfect Penis

The Perfect PenisKnob, dick, tool, John Thomas, spam javelin, schlong, the sergeant with the one blue stripe who loves to stand to attention: You’d be surprised how little you know about the skin chimney. Although many men may brag, people rarely talk about the little chap. In this unique trilogy of frank documentaries we examine the myths, the realities and the stories behind the last taboo. The Perfect Penis In search of perfection, by any means necessary. For some men, bigger – whether by mechanical, herbal or surgical means – will always be better. This film meets the men desperate for extreme surgery to give them what nature hasn’t, and those for whom the unregulated world of penis enlargement surgery has produced agonising results. In Moscow a pioneering Russian surgeon shows us an enlargement operation that sees the penis grafted on to the human arm, and which he hopes to market as the new “cure” for small men everywhere. And, just when you thought it was safe to unzip your trousers, meet the man with a truly enormous penis for whom bigger can never be big enough.

Producer/Director: Krishna Govender
Assistant Producer: Jessica Ludgrove
Editor: Paul Edmunds