The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman

Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman: Season 2When we first met Jackie, a surly magazine writer and aspiring screenwriter, and Tara, an underling at a film production company, the two were navigating their way through the gritty realities of Hollywood. From the latest celebrity cults, to stolen movie scripts, backstabbing relationships and mounds of coke, our modern-day, nihilistic Laverne and Shirley managed to pull each other out of the Tinsel Town gutter – and now they’re ready to do it all again. Back for another season, the girls – always their own worst enemy – face new obstacles, including the arrival of Jackie’s meddling mother Jeanette (Mary Kay Place), a brief stint as lesbians for personal gain and surviving L.A.’s state of emergency with the help of some potent brew. Can Jackie and Tara find fame and fortune, or are they destined for only minor accomplishments?