Super Secret Movie Rules

Super Secret Movie RulesThe show that rips the secrets off of Hollywood’s movie genres

Ever notice how the victims in SLASHERS movies always run up the stairs instead of out the door to safety? How the stars of SUPERHERO movies always choose duty over booty? How the weepy characters in TEARJERKERS always tempt fate before their tragic deaths?

Coincidences? Not according to these brazen one-hour, package-driven episodes.

SUPERSECRET MOVIE RULES gives viewers a hilarious, insider’s look at the way Hollywood churns out films by following “super-secret” formulas that most viewers instinctively know but never consciously notice. In this homage to the sexy, surreal and sensational side of cinematic achievement, we’re here to remind you of everything the Academy wants you to forget.

Each of these ten shows takes viewers on a sizzling history of a particular genre, dissecting ten classic films from that genre according to its unspoken but very real rules.

In TEEN SEX COMEDIES, for example, we start with John Belushi’s classic ANIMAL HOUSE – the Godfather of the genre – and work our way through Tom Cruise’s debut in RISKY BUSINESS, Sean Penn’s star turn in FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, right down to the latest post-modern spoof, NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE.

We punctuate each five-act show with five Megarule segments that expose the great rules common to all films of that genre. And we end with a tongue-in-cheek “Awards Show”, highlighting the movies that have followed the most rules in the most creative way.

Inter-cut with loads of classic film clips, stills and music from today’s hottest stars, SUPERSECRET MOVIE RULES grills the actors and filmmakers responsible for the genre’s best, worst and most memorable movie moments. And we enlist comedians, film critics, and pop-culture historians to put it all into perspective.

Packed with attitude, loaded with dish, SUPERSECRET MOVIE RULES proves that being bad is at least as much fun as being good.


Executive Producers: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato
Supervising Producer: Gabriel Rotello
Producers: Jim Eckels, Patrick Friend, Eric Shepard, David Story, Melanie Switzer, Craig Tomashoff, & Douglas Ross West
Co-Producer: Natalie Aaron