Sports Kids Moms and Dads

Sports Kids Moms & DadsSports Kids Moms & Dads is a groundbreaking new documentary series examining the highly competitive world of children’s sports and the young people and their families making the journey toward becoming elite athletes.

Even with tremendous physical talent, no child can succeed without the unconditional emotional and financial support of his or her parents. This series examines the preparation; discipline, dedication and sacrifice that families make in helping their children pursue their dreams of sports stardom.

In this eight-part series, we’ll see the highs and lows of competition, parental “coaching,” and discover that Moms & Dads are often more distraught by defeat than their resilient offspring. Despite injuries and setbacks, these young athletes display determination and discipline matched only by their love of football, basketball, figure skating, equestrian and competitive cheerleading.

From coast-to-coast we examine the action behind kids’ sports and find out that the games they’re involved in can hardly be classified as “child’s play.” Some hope for scholarships, some hope to see their name in lights, but all hope to be at the top of their game, no matter what that game may be.

Every “Sports Kids Moms & Dads” family has a different story. Their sports include football, cheerleading, basketball, figure skating and equestrian. The families are from all over the nation, from California to Texas to Connecticut. …

Craig and Trenton, a father and son team, live and breathe football. Dad has known his son was “meant to play the game” since the age of two and he makes it a seven-day-a-week job to get him to the NFL even though Trenton’s only eight years old.

TJ and Lindsay are a mother -daughter basketball duo. This single mom gave up her own collegiate basketball dreams to raise her daughter and hopes that teenager Lindsay will “make different choices,” which means no distractions and no dating. She also hopes that Lindsay’s basketball talents will yield a college scholarship and a place in the WNBA.

Karen and Karli struggle with the cost of keeping Karli’s beloved thoroughbred horse even as newly-single Karen deals with the costs surrounding her divorce, raising her children, and keeping Karli’s equestrian dreams alive.

Kim and Bryce are mom and son who are going for the gold in figure skating. Unlike most parents, this mom has never been able to stand the pressure of competition and can’t bring herself to watch her son compete.

Sharon and Sarah are a dynamic team cheering their way toward their goal for Sarah to become the next National Champion Cheerleader. Sarah has a never-ending cycle of dance and choreography classes as well as countless cheerleading competitions, but mom says her daughter wouldn’t want it any other way.

Executive Producers: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato
Supervising Producer: Maria Calleia