Showdog Moms & Dads

Showdog Moms & Dads

If “Best in Show” had been spun off into a TV series, this would be it…. It’s brilliant, just brilliant. —

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For millions of dog owners nationwide, competing in dog shows is a labor of love…love of a particular dog, love of building a better breed and love of beating the competition. Our Own Best in Show An 8-part documentary series, Showdog Moms & Dads follows five devoted dog owners and their pampered pooches.

We’ll witness the struggles and the sacrifices, the thrills of victory and the crushing defeats our owners and their dogs face each weekend as they compete in dog shows across the country. We’ll watch as our owners juggle career, family, bank account and tough competition. And we’ll see their intense commitment to all things doggie–from the early morning drives and cross-country trips to dog shows to the intensive grooming of their prized pooches.

A Dog’s Eyeview Through interviews with judges, owners, and handlers, the audience will learn the ins and outs of the dog show world. Owner/Handler – a dog owner who conditions, trains and exhibits their own dog. Professional Handler- a professional hired by an owner to condition, train and exhibit dogs for a fee. Conformation – the dog shows in which pooches are trotted around a ring and judged on how well they meet “Breed Standard” Obedience – sport that that allow dogs to demonstrate their natural skill as well as their ability to work as part of an animal-human team. Agility- the fast-paced offshoot of obedience where handlers lead their dogs through an obstacle course at top speed.

Finishing a dog- accruing the 15 points necessary for a dog to be considered a champion. Specialty Dog- a dog that continues to compete beyond its championship to win points and reach the top of its breed. Our Dog Owners Showdog Moms & Dads will follow a diverse group of dog owners. In Tucson, we’ll meet George and Connie, a married couple devoted to their two whippets, Pepe and Oolala. With more than 50 years of combined experience, George and Connie know what it takes to make their dogs into champs. George is also a judge, and recently presided over his first “Best in Show” competition. While George and Connie are old pros, Brandon and Ryan are just getting started. They’re preparing to compete with their new pup, a toy fox terrier named Liberace. When not dressing him up in elaborate costumes, they’ll be attending stacking and obedience classes as they learn how to handle their dog in the ring. We’ll experience the high drama and tense moments as they step into the ring for the first time. Lourdes and Pedro, a Miami couple, say their champion German Shepherds have changed their lives. Their “children” Max, Katie and Duke have won over 100 first place ribbons. When Max won Best in Show, he fulfilled the Cofino’s dreams. Pedro, an attorney, and Lourdes, his office manager, spend their waking hours doting on their dogs. They drive up to 1500 miles each week to attend dog shows up and down the Eastern Coast. Kyra and her Weimeraner Chalcy are practically inseparable. They perform around the country with their “World’s Smartest Dog” act, and even appeared on The Tonight Show last winter. Kyra and Chalcy will soon begin competing in “conformation,” the “Beauty Pageant” portion of dog shows. As they step into the ring for the first time, we’ll see how well Chalcy performs, and find out whether she can hold her own against far more experienced dogs and handlers. Moira, a Los Angeles native, has been showing Australian Shepherds for almost 20 years, and her 10-year-old son Adam is already on his way to becoming a pro. Mother and son routinely load up the camper and head off to weekend dog shows where Adam, a junior handler, really feels the heat of competition. As a junior handler, the judges are watching Adam’s technique as well as his dog’s performance. But with mom’s advice and coaching from the sidelines, can he win the junior Best in Show?

Executive Producers: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato
Supervising Producer: Todd Radnitz