Shock Video

Shock VideoIt’s no secret that here in the states the television is a prime source of titillation, but what about France, Belgium, Thailand, or even stuffy old England? Take a glimpse at broadcasting around the world, and you’ll find that when it comes to sex on TV, we’re as tame as it gets.

From Bangkok to Berlin, Shock Video tours the globe in search of the sexiest, sleaziest, and downright filthiest footage to pop up on the boob tube. It’s the creme de la creme of T&A TV, featuring a naked magician from Germany, an ejaculation marathon in Japan, nude shoppers in The Netherlands, a biggest nipple competition in Hungary, and even a topless ballerina in the Ukraine.

This one hour documentary of debauchery airs annually on HBO in the US and half hour versions of the program can be seen on the digital channel e4 in the UK.