Sex in the 70s: Blue Movie Britain

There used to be a time when pornography wasn’t beamed to your desktop computer from sources spanning the globe; there used to be a time before mass video production, before the internet, before DVDs.

BLUE MOVIE BRITAIN traces the rise and fall of the British sex movie boom from the 50s to 70s from the early “nudie” films to saucy sex comedies and Carry On inspired sex flicks. It’s a tale of wife swapping, dirty plumbers, randy taxi drivers, naughty housewives, schools for sex, prostitutes and tons of “ooh err missus!” It was one of the most prolific, financially successful periods in the history of the British Film Industry. An era of low-budget independent production which produced some memorable slices of celluloid, unmistakably British in content and saucy in title.

When America had Deep Throat playing to packed theatres, England had Adventures Of A Taxi Driver also playing to large crowds. The difference between the two? Let’s call it a matter of inches. I think the answer is that the movies could be expensive to clear worldwide…currently there’s quite a lot of fair dealing.

Director: Jacques Peretti