Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Women

Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied WomanSecrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman is a one-hour documentary special which will debut on Lifetime Television in April, 2005. Coinciding with the release of their book by the same title, highly acclaimed sisters, Jennifer Berman, M.D. and Laura Berman, Ph.D., are hosting and executive producing this special on the exploration of female sexuality.

As the director of The Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA, Jennifer Berman specializes in treating women experiencing physical problems in their sexual unions.

As the director of The Berman Center in Chicago, Laura Berman is a psychologist working with those experiencing more emotional blocks in their sexual relationships.

Together they are the foremost team of doctors who have helped millions both with their book For Women Only and their long-running television program Berman and Berman for the Discovery Health Channel.

In Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman we will meet four women who are seeking the help of the Bermans. Jennifer and Laura are going to work one on one with these women, joining them in their day to day and helping them in their emotional and physical relationship with their partners. Our women are charming, articulate and full of adventure, willing to open themselves up to help millions of women sharing similar problems learn from their own journey of self-discovery. Join us in April 2005 on the Lifetime Channel to see how you too may learn the Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman.