The Secret Rulers of the World

Secret Rulers of the WorldRenowned journalist Jon Ronson delves into the world of secrecy and cover-ups, as he tries to find the secret rulers of the world.

The Legend of Ruby Ridge tells the tragic story of Randy Weaver and his fight against the Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG). Jon Ronson uses extraordinary encounters with the Weaver family and previously unseen archive footage to describe the life of a family who moved to a cabin in Idaho to escape what they saw as the tyrannical elite of international bankers bent on enslaving the world. It is also the story of how the Weaver family’s paranoid conspiracy theories became a self fulfilling tragedy when the American Government killed two of the family members and how this incident might have influenced the siege at Waco , the Oklahoma bomb and the growth of the America militia movement.

David Icke, The Lizards and The Jewsexamines what happens to conspiracy theorists when they get too close to the truth. Many claim that the elite who secretly rule the world don’t have to kill conspiracy investigators any more. They just assassinate their characters by accusing them of being anti-Semites.The legendary David Icke’s latest theory is that the elite are genetically descended from a race of 12 foot, blood drinking, shape shifting lizards. But when Icke says lizards does he actually mean lizards ,as he steadfastly maintains? Or does he mean Jews, which Icke denies adamantly. This is a film about code words, anti-Semitism and the lizard men.

Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma bomber, was a conspiracy theorist. He believed that a shadowy elite secretly controls the governments of the world, conspiring to establish a genocidal New World Order. He believed that the Alfred P. Murrah building was local New World Order headquarters. But many other conspiracy theorists are convinced that the world only knows part of the complex and fascinating story behind the bombing – Jon Ronson goes in search of the truth. Along the way he meets terrorists on the run, eccentric strip club owners, theorists, elevator engineers and ends up in the mysterious Elohim City, a bizarre survivalist compound in Oklahoma that might hold the key to the mystery.

In The Satanic Shadowy Elite? Jon Ronson accompanies the extraordinary gung-ho conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as he attempts – for the first time in history – to infiltrate and film inside Bohemian Grove. Do the the elite who rule the world attenda secret annual summer camp in the forests of Northern California, where they dress in robes and burn an effigy at the foot of a giant stone owl. Could this possibly be true? Do men like George Bush and Henry Kissinger really attend such a bizarre camp?

In the final film in the series seeks to uncover the mystique surrounding the Bilderberg Group. Could this elite entourage, which purports to include Peter Mandelson, Denis Healey and Henry Kissinger, really be ruling the world? Jon teams up with the portly Big Jim Tucker in Washington DC, who within anti-Bilderberg circles is regarded as something of a hero and trailblazer. Jim has discovered the location of the next Bilderberg Group meeting. It is to take place at the Caesar Park golfing resort in Sintra, Portugal. Jon joins him. In their quest for the truth, the unlikely duo encounter unwelcoming suited security men and a leisurely car chase. But do they get to the bottom of the Bilderberg enigma?

Series Producers: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato
Director: Jon Ronson
Editors: Andy Willsmore, Will Grayburn
Running Time: 60 minutes
Duration: 5 episodes