Power Lesbians

Power LesbiansRebecca Loos is on the loose! The super-scandalous reality star and former David Beckham mistress, takes on her most provocative challenge yet. She’s on her way to sunny LA to get to the bottom of the Power Lesbian mystique. Is it real or a media hoax? Does this ultra-exclusive, all-girls club really rule Hollywood, or is it just male paranoia? In this probing one-hour doc, Rebecca promises to infiltrate the scene– find out who the Power Lesbians are, where they go, and what they do for fun. There is a new type of lesbian: the Power Lesbian. She is one step up from the “lipstick lesbian” and a million miles away from the “butch lesbian”. But are Power Lesbians real or just another Hollywood fantasy? Is the Power Lesbian just another form of stereotyping? If it is the new lesbian stereotype, does it really matter? Rebecca Loos is in Los Angeles – the land of the Power Lesbians – to find out! Rebecca’s journey kicks off in Palm Springs at the Dinah Shore Weekend, the largest lesbian gathering in the US and possibly the world, where she rubs shoulders with some of the most glam lesbians on the planet. Here Rebecca meets her first power lesbians, organizers Sandy Sachs and Robin Gans who have built their highly successful clubs around girls who are out and powerful! Along the way, Rebecca also gives us her personal insight about sexual stereotyping. How one should not be judged by sexual behavior or sexual identity. Why she refuses to be labeled gay or straight and how she defends her bisexuality. Rebecca plays a popular guessing game – which cast member of “The L Word” is a lesbian and which is not? This will put her “gaydar” to the test – a preoccupation that takes up most of the show’s narrative. Finally, Rebecca meets up with supermodel Jenny Shimizu, known for dating many of the world’s most beautiful and famous women.

Executive Producers: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato & Adam Perry
Producer & Director: Vivanne Howard
Presented by: Rebecca Loos