One Punk, Under God

One Punk, Under God Jay BakkerOne Punk, Under God is an observational documentary series that takes an all-access look inside the life of Jay Bakker and his Revolution ministry in Atlanta, as he faces the struggles of putting together a new generation of Christian punk rockers. The 7 episodes will structure around a story arc where Jay examines and tests out a chosen Biblical scripture to discuss in his weekly sermon. We follow as he wrestles with the interpretations in his daily life, and finish the episode with his final sermon, as he preaches to his church members. Tattooed and pierced, Jay’s image certainly does not fit anyone’s opinion of a religious evangelist. But by fusing together punk and Christian values, he is working to show the world just how hip and welcoming today’s churches can be. ONE PUNK, UNDER GOD is a punk rock religious passage, as we follow Jay on a personal journey to rediscover God and his life–without losing sight of the Revolution.

Executive Producers: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato
Supervising Producer and Director: Jeremy Simmons
Producer: Thairin Smothers
Written by: Kyung Sun Yu
Associate Producer: Sita Glennon
Editors: Grant Myers & Derek Vaughn
Directory of Photography: Goro Toshima