My Kid’s Psychic

My Kid's Psychic“My Kid’s Psychic” follows two children and their Mums on their extraordinary journeys into the spirit world. Both children, according to their Mums, are at a critical point in their spiritual development. Nicola is convinced that her 15 yr old daughter Heather is an Indigo child. Followers believe that they are part of an evolutionary leap and communicate with one another telepathically and have a natural ability to heal. We follow Heather over the summer as she tries to develop her psychic abilities. Eight-year old Oliver’s situation is for his Mum, Simone more worrying. From an early age she says he has had a six sense where he regularly sees spirits. This combined with a behavioural disorder that has been diagnosed as ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder motivates Simone to try to seek answers to her sons increasingly perplexing behaviour.