Mission Divine

Mission DivineExperience the Divine in a series of underground documentary missions to bring God to our screens. The Mission Divine is the search for that which is not known. In The Mission Divine, 6 video diarists undertake a mission to find God as best they can, and persuade Him (or Her) to make some form of appearance as the pay-off at the end their journey. Each programme represents the highlights of the spiritual journey of a single contributor traveling through Brazil, England, Israel, India, and England.

Each episode of The Mission Divine is made up of the best of DVC fly-on-the-wall and video-diary footage taken from each contributor’s ‘spiritual mission’, culminating in a meeting with God. In creating each programme, we use Gods own formula, and shoot each journey in 7 days. God made the heavens and the earth in seven days (including – famously – a final day off) but can we find him in it – or out of it – in seven days In just seven days I can make you a man; but can you find god? The six unique Spiritual Journeys we follow are: 1) “Stephanie in Jerusalem” 2) “Steve in England” 3) “Imran in Brazil” 4) “Guy in Cornwall” 5) “Clare in India” 6) “The Egg” 6 x 30