London Ink

London Ink

London Ink is a six part series which takes an extraordinary look at the world of tattooing. Following the huge success of Miami Ink, London Ink will reveal the highs and lows of running a top studio in the capital.

The experiment will be lead by one of Britain’s top tattooists Louis Molloy. Louis is the creator of the World’s most famous tattoo, David Beckham’s iconic guardian angel. He is always looking for fresh creative challenges, and he has now turned his attention to London.

The no nonsense Mancunian has handpicked a team of top tattooists to take on the capital. Bad boy tattooist Dan Gold will wow us with his unconventional new wave graffiti style. From New York Phil Kyle has brought his old school style of tattooing to the UK. And Kiwi New Zealander Nikole Lowe is an expert in Japanese inking. Together they plan to take the London tattooing scene by storm.

From Louis’ unveiling of the new guardian angel, to the inking of glamour models and Olympic athletes, Ben Challenger and Iwan Thomas, London Ink will explore the astonishing skills of these individual tattooists. But the series will also reveal the day to day drama of running a high pressure studio.

Will Louis make the team gel, and after working on his own for 25 years will he have the bottle to make his sometimes very temperamental staff work as one?