Lesbians Go Mad on Lesbos

Lesbians Go Mad on LesbosLesbos, the Island of Sun, Sea, Sex and Sappho the Greek goddess of Lesbian Love, during the summer 2000 a group of 4 girls from the candy bar decided to create their perfect holiday package and organize a holiday to their perfect Holiday destination Lesbos.

Unfortunately The Mayor of Lesbos did not like the idea of the group of 26 women having a Wet Pussy Pool party and decided to ban the women from entering the island, this observational documentary follows the trials and tribulations of the group during Summer 2000.

The mayor of the Greek island of Lesbos tried to ban 26 Lesbians from arriving on a package holiday from the UK; but he ended up biting off more than he could chew.

This programme follows the love, lust and laughs over the course of their holiday as the women drink, dance and snog their way around the island. Despite being shadowed by the paparazzi and some negative islanders, nothing can stop our women from fighting for their right to party.

60 minutes