Lesbians Behaving Badly

Lesbians Behaving Badlyaka Lesbians Ole A one-hour doc-u-soap about London lesbians, close -up and intimate with the outrageous lipstick lesbian scene in Englands capital. Women loving women can be glamorous and glorious. From girlie bars to strip joints across London Following characters including erotic dancers and gay girls about town

Most definitely out of the closet. These girls don’t need men to have a sexually charged lifestyle; these girls are really in control and OUT on the street

When it comes to snogging and fore-play
Lesbians truly know what women want.

Ambushing the ladies
Naughty but nice!
Just what do lesbians find attractive, how do they cruise the girls? Heres your chance to find out and learn how.

An increasingly vocal and vibrant lesbian community is booming out of control in Britains capital.

The documentary will be a melting pot for all those age-old ugly stereotypes that fuelled ignorance and maintained invisibility: The lentil eating, dungaree trudging hairy legged skinheads have been washed away on a tide of lesbian chic and new lifestyle choices

1 x 60