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Island Hunters: Searching for a Warm Weather Getaway in the Florida Keys

In the first episode of Island Hunters, Wisconsin natives Bob and Jeanne love the simple life in the Florida Keys. They want to find a private island to escape the freezing Wisconsin winters. Private island specialist Chris Krolow will show them three islands to try and find their dream getaway.

On the Hunt for an Island Resort in the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas

In the second episode of Island Hunters, yacht captains Peter and Kim love sailing the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas. They dream of finding an island to build their dream home and a small resort on. Private island specialist Chris Krolow will help them try to find the perfect slice of paradise in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.

Searching for a Resort Home Off the Coast of Belize

In the third episode of Island Hunters, Toronto native Bill fell in love with local Yvette on a business trip to Belize. Now married with two daughters, the two are in search of a private island that can host the family and act as a tourist destination for Bill’s boat charter business. Island expert Chris Krolow will show them three islands that showcase the beauty of the country’s Caribbean waters.

Shopping For a New Family Home in the Florida Keys

In the fourth episode of Island Hunters, Real Estate Developer Avi is in love with the warm climate and clear waters of the Florida Keys and wants to purchase a new family home on one of its many islands. With daughter Eli and island expert Chris Krolow in tow, they tour three beautiful islands compounds located near Marathon, Florida and hope to find his dream home in the island chain nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Searching for a Summer Cottage on Georgian Bay

In the fifth episode of Island Hunters, city dwellers Patrick and Kathy want to leave modern living behind in Toronto, Canada and find a summer retreat two hours north on the expansive Georgian Bay. Private Island expert Chris Krolow will direct them as they tour three islands complete with rustic charm in the hopes of finding one that can become their dream island getaway.

Voyage to Find an Island Resort in Fiji

In the sixth episode of Island Hunters, business partners Dennis and Lane own a travel company and are looking to expand by buying their own island resort in Fiji. Though amenities for guests are important, they also want an island that can become a new home where they can relocate their families. With the aid of island expert Chris Krolow, they will explore three islands with the potential to make their dreams come true.

Hunting for an Island Retreat on Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay

In the seventh episode of Island Hunters, father and daughter, Robert and Laura, already own an island on Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay, just north of Toronto. With the island’s popularity as a summer rental, they are hoping to find a second island that can be utilized for their summer parties and overnight stays without disrupting their guests. Island expert Chris Krolow will join the pair as they traverse the clear fresh water archipelago in search for the perfect island.

The search for an Island Resort in the Republic of Fiji

In the eight episode of Island Hunters, husband and wife James and Erin have almost twenty years experience running some of the top vacation destinations in the island nation of Fiji. Now it’s time for the couple to set out to find their own resort to own, operate and relocate to permanently. Island expert Chris Krolow will help navigate them through the difficulties of island ownership to find their perfect haven.

Looking for a Secluded Getaway in Georgia

In the ninth episode of Island Hunters, newlyweds Rachel and Jeff live in Boston Massachusetts, but are dreaming of an anniversary vacation down on the Georgian coast. With a noisy apartment and hectic schedules at home, the quiet secluded promise of island living sounds intriguing to the couple. Island expert Louisa Baumander will help them wade through the Georgian marshland to find a private island vacation that fits their budget and their desire for privacy.

The Hunt for a New Home on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast

In the tenth episode of Island Hunters, father and daughter, Bill and Emily, are looking to sell the family farm and move to North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. Joined by island expert Chris Krolow, they will tour the quant, charming islands along the Intracoastal Waterway in the search for a new island home.

Looking for a Vacation Rental Island in Upstate New York

In the eleventh episode of Island Hunters, party animals Marc and Hyleri have been happily married for four years, but have seven marriage and seven children between them. They are on the hunt for a unique weeklong vacation to reunite their extended family and think that a rental in the Thousands Island region of Upstate New York would be perfect. Adam McKie of Private Islands, Inc. will join the couple as they search for their dream vacation island.

Searching a Summer Vacation Island in the North Atlantic 

Erika is a renowned interior decorator and wants to escape from LA to her own private island hideaway on the North Atlantic coastline. Accompanied by her best friend Jolene and island expert Chris Krolow, she will tour three islands in the waters off of Maine and New Brunswick in the search for a new summer escape.

Hunting for an Island to Retire on in Panama

Retiring couple Rick and Sherry are ready to put the daily grind behind and start life’s third act. Looking to stretch their limited pensions, they’ve set their sights on the Central American nation of Panama, where their dream of living on their own island can be affordable. Island Expert Chris Krolow of Private Islands, Inc. will guide the couple in their search. 

Aerial Tours of Australia’s Whitsunday Islands

Mat and Donna, an Australian couple who own their own exotic car dealership, have enjoyed taking family vacations in the Whitsunday Island Chain for years. They’ve saved up and are now ready to buy their own multi-million dollar home on one of these breathtaking islands. Island Expert Chris Krolow of Private Islands Inc. has brought out a helicopter and will race across the region in the hunt for the couple’s perfect vacation home.

A Voyage through the Wild West of the Philippines

Best friends and business partners Matt and Matthew moved from London to Manila to pursue their dream of owning and operating their own island resort. They’ve set their sights on the remote islands in The Philippine province of Palawan and have requested the services of Island Expert Chris Krolow of Private Islands Inc to assist in their search. 

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