HousebustersDoes your home have a secret thats affecting you?

HOUSEBUSTERS is a unique format that uncovers the secret life of our houses in search of the unseen forces that affect our health, wealth and happiness.

Could changing your living space really change your life?

Three psychic house detectives, experts in Feng Shui, Colour Therapy, Geopathic Stress, Psychic Phenomena or Clutter Clearance, visit a house and scan for clues to the householders problem, give their analysis and then offer a solution.

Our Housebusters are told nothing beforehand they will be going in completely cold and need to rely on their abilities, intuition and skills to read the house and uncover the problem.

Whilst the experts tour the house the owner will be viewing their progress from a separate location. Remote cameras eavesdrop on our experts as they profile the problem. The experts will be wired for sound enabling them to talk us through what they are sensing and experiencing in the house.

In turn, well be observing our owners to catch those moments when scepticism turns to incredulity at the accuracy of our Housebusters analysis of their problem.

There’s a ‘play along’ element as viewers see how they can make their own homes into restful havens and de-stress the breakfast bar.

The homeowners select the expert whose diagnosis has matched their problem most closely. The expert then returns to give the house and its owners a psychic and practical makeover in order to solve the problem using their particular discipline.

Four weeks later the programme returns to hear from the homeowner and find out whether the changes have affected their lives. Have the migraines gone away? Did the relationship improve? Are they getting a better nights sleep? Or did our homeowners win the lottery and solve their financial difficulties in one stroke?

Whatever the issue, the team of Housebusters will, via the layout, decor and vibes of the home, discover and remedy the problem.

13 x 30 & Format