Hometown Renovation

Hometown Renovation


6×60 – HGTV – Premiered May 20, 2011

Billy Brasfield, or “Billy B,” is Hollywood’s A-list celebrity make-up artist extraordinaire—he has painted every face in the business, and is at the top of his game as a Hollywood hotshot. But all that fame and success means nothing to Billy without his roots… his hometown of Aberdeen, Mississippi.

He’s really just a small-town boy at heart and now that small town needs his help. The once beautiful and thriving city has taken an economic down-swing and many of the historic buildings are deteriorating. Billy has a mission: to breathe life back to the streets of Aberdeen and its residents and to transform dilapidated buildings into southern charmers. From renovating houses to saving entire historic buildings, nothing will stop Billy from his HOMETOWN RENOVATION.

But Billy’s not going it alone. His mom, Ruth, is his property manager and confidant. He’s mentoring the handsome and handy John Dudley, working with straight talking contractor, Cecil and his gorgeous model friend and fellow Aberdeenian, Lorie Baker, also lends a hand. And for the really big projects, he pairs with millionaire business partner, Dwight Stevens. This motley crew will have their work cut out for them, restoring Aberdeen to its former glory and transforming the community’s outlook from hopeless to Hallelujah!