Heidi Fleiss: The Woud-be Madam of Crystal

Heidi Fleiss: The Woud-be Madam of CrystalHeidi Fleiss, The Would Be-Madam of Crystal chronicles the infamous Hollywood Madam’s attempt to open the first legal brothel for female clients in the tiny desert town of Crystal, Nevada.

Leaving behind her glamorous life in LA and the memory of three years in the penitentiary, Heidi soon discovers that she faces a mountain of opposition, including the need to convince local authorities she’s fit to run a brothel despite being a convicted felon.

In an unexpected twist, Heidi befriends her next door neighbor, Marianne, a now-destitute and bedridden former Madam who lives alone with a dazzling collection of exotic birds.

As Heidi’s problems mount, she finds herself irresistibly drawn into Marianne’s world despite an avowed aversion to emotional attachments. Priding herself on self-sufficiency, Heidi ultimately struggles alone with her inner demons — including a predilection for methamphetamines — as she tries to keep her dream in sight through a combination of grit, humor and sheer perseverance.


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